Hackney residents consulted on town centre overhaul

Hackney Central

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Residents and businesses in Hackney are being asked for their thoughts on the proposed redevelopment of Hackney Central Town Centre.

Hackney Council claim that the proposal will ‘shape the future of the area’, creating 1,000 new homes, 3,000 jobs and 45,000 square meters of improved retail and work floor space.

The ‘Hackney Central and Surrounds Masterplan’ is a drafted proposal that will set guidelines on the future development of the area – including physical guides for new developments.

The plans detail the council’s aim to improve the Overground Station, expand the public square at the end of Narrow Way and redevelop current council-owned buildings to make space for the new homes and retail space.

Other space for homes and workspace will be created by moving Clapton Bus Garage as well as revamping Tesco on Morning Lane, Hackney Council say.

Hackney Council said in a statement: “The masterplan vision sees Hackney Central and surrounds as being a thriving town centre, a hub of civic and cultural facilities, and an important area for employment, business innovation and maker space.

“The Draft Masterplan seeks to add more detail to the objectives set out in an existing planning document. The Draft Masterplan goes into more detail about what this could look like at some of the key sites in the town centre and sets out how these developments could be delivered.”

The council also say that they will try to make sure that half of the housing that the proposal creates is affordable: “Affordable housing and workspace is an important part of the Draft Masterplan and future development will be expected to meet the Council’s affordable housing requirements alongside the provision of affordable workspace.”

Cabinet Member for Planning, Business and Investment, Councillor Guy Nicholson said that the plans will increase Hackney’s reputation and “help meet the demand for more space in our town centre whilst complimenting the character of the area.

“Hackney Central is a thriving town centre – a hub for civic and cultural facilities and activities alongside an increasing demand for employment space for both making and selling,” he said.

The plans follow a previous town hall proposal from 2012 called ‘The Hackney Central Area Action Plan’ which also showed how the council plan the town centre and public spaces could be redeveloped.

Hackney residents can give feedback on the proposals by completing an online survey or by filling out a questionnaire at their local library.

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