Labour Party wins Brockley by-election

Pic: Lewisham Labour

Pic: Lewisham Labour

Lewisham’s Labour Party candidate has been elected as councillor after the Brockley by-election which took place yesterday (13 October).

Sophie McGeevor, Lewisham’s Labour Party candidate won the votes of Brockley residents in the by-election votes.

Green Party’s, Clare Phipps, came in second followed by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative Party, Women’s Equality Party and UKIP party with the least votes.

There was a turnout of 19.9 per cent during the by-election in the Brockley area.

Labour Party candidate Joyce Jacca, also won the votes in the Evelyn by-elections yesterday (13 October).

More information on the results from the Brockley by-election can be found at:

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