Tower Hamlets drivers to slow to 20mph

Tower Hamlets speed limit

Tower Hamlets has set a speed limit of 20mph on the roads. Pic: Edinburgh Greens

Drivers in Tower Hamlets will have to drive at 20mph on certain roads in the borough, the council has said.

The limit has been put into place as a part of an effort to make the borough safer.

Many roads in the borough are outside of the local authority’s control and are managed by Transport for London and will remain at 30mph – except for Commercial Street – which links Shoreditch High Street to Whitechapel High Street – which is trialling the 20mph scheme.

The only other roads exempt from the new ruling are the Leamouth Road and roundabout, to the east of Canary Wharf.

The new rules follow an initial trial period, which has been in place since April 2015.

This follows Department of Transport advice from 2013 that local authorities “keep their speed limits under review with changing circumstances, and consider the introduction of more 20 mph limits and zones, over time, in urban areas and built-up village streets that are primarily residential, to ensure greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The Department for Transport has a vision for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth, but one that is also more sustainable, safer, and improves quality of life in our communities,” they said in a statement.

“It is clear how setting appropriate speed limits with the aim of achieving safe and appropriate driving speeds can play an important role in supporting this vision.

“Roads should be designed so that mistakes made by road users do not result in death or serious injury.”

Tower Hamlets Mayor, John Biggs said: “The safety of our residents is our number one priority. The permanent introduction of the 20mph speed limit across the borough is part of our commitment to achieving this.

“With the reduction in serious and fatal accidents across the borough during the trial, we are confident that this and other traffic calming measures we are putting in place will encourage drivers to change their behaviour and stick within the limits.”

Cabinet member for Environment, Cllr Ayas Miah, added: “The expansion of the 20mph limit throughout the whole borough is a benefit for all people using Tower Hamlets roads. Now that the limit applies consistently on our roads there is no space for confusion and people can move about feeling safer than before.”

Residents hoping to find out more about the scheme or ask questions can visit a community show at Chrisp Street Market until October 21.

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