Women likely to die younger in Tower Hamlets

Pic: Flickr

Pic: Flickr

Women in Tower Hamlets can expect live in good health to only 55.9 years of age, the lowest in the UK. This is 15 years less than women in Richmond-upon-Thames, according to new figures.

The Office for National Statistics released a report yesterday on health expectancies at birth and at age 65 in the UK using 2011 census data, which revealed huge disparities in health expectancies across England.

As stated by London’s Poverty Profile, Tower Hamlets is the worst place for women in the UK and almost half (49%) of children in Tower Hamlets are in poverty. This is highest rate in London, while Richmond has the second lowest rate at 15%. Additionally, Tower Hamlets has the lowest male life expectancy of all London boroughs, at 77.5 years.

London has some of the most dramatic disparities in the country, with estimates varying by huge amounts in areas just miles apart.

Around one-fifth of households in Tower Hamlets have an annual income of less than £15,000. The average household income in Tower Hamlets is £29,550.

On average, males in the UK can expect to live 80.3% of their lives in good health, up to the age of 63.2, while females it is 78.2%, up to the age of 64.6 years. However, these figures fail to highlight the stark variation in data across the UK.

ONS statistician Jodie Withers said: “Differences in education, employment opportunities, lifestyle behaviours, social mobility and the wider local environment all have a major impact, with males and females in some parts of the UK living 14.1 years and 15.0 years longer in ‘very good or good’ health than others.”

Tower Hamlets council had not responded to our request for comment at the time of publication.

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