Get your turkey fix this Thanksgiving

Turkeys are the main dish of all-American Thanksgiving dinners. Pic: Dianne Rosete (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Turkeys are the main dish of all-American Thanksgiving dinners. Pic: Dianne Rosete (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Though American in origin, Londoners can still find plenty of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving today with a series of free events and classic meals available across the city.

The American holiday of Thanksgiving originated in the 1600’s from a harvest festival that took place between the pilgrims and the Native Americans.

Relationships between the newcomers and Native Americans since then has unfortunately been fraught with violence, massacres and land-stealing, rather than friendly meals and other pleasantries.

Today, the historical roots of Thanksgiving have taken a backseat to the main event: a traditional array of American comfort foods such as roasted turkey, canned cranberry sauce, sweet yellow corn and sweet potatoes with marshmallow baked on top.

Many Londoners have decided to join the tradition by hosting Thanksgiving-themed celebrations across the city tomorrow.

SE16 Mayflower 400, a series of free events in Rotherhithe, will have historical exhibits, live gospel music, and Thanksgiving dinners at two local pubs. Events centre around St Mary’s Church, nearby to where The Mayflower Ship first sailed to America.

The Village will also celebrate by launching a countdown to the year 2020, which will mark the 400th anniversary of The Mayflower’s famous voyage.

Visitors can enjoy free themed food by local vendors and Sands Films will be running two free screenings of the 2015 documentary The Pilgrims.

Other restaurants in London will be serving US comfort foods and Thanksgiving classics.

The Breakfast Club is serving three-course meals including beer-roasted turkey and bacon available at all branches in the evening.

Crown & Shuttle in Shoreditch will have American craft beers, with special pumpkin spiced pours and American music playing all evening.

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