Night Czar tells Croydon summit: ‘I will make London a 24-hour city’

Amy Lamé and Mayor Sadiq Khan at the Croydon Congress Economic Summit in South London yesterday. Pic:

Amy Lamé and Mayor Sadiq Khan at the Croydon Congress Economic Summit. Pic: Rachel Lavin

Newly appointed London Night Czar Amy Lamé promised that she will turn the capital into a ‘truly 24-hour city’.

Speaking in her first public address yesterday at the Croydon Congress Economic Summit in South London, the former writer, performer and television presenter said she hoped to “change the conversation” about the city’s nightlife to focus on the benefits that it will potentially offer.

Lamé criticised the negative stereotypes of London’s nightlife, saying mini-cabs were better regulated than ever, and that levels of over-alcohol consumption and anti-social behaviour have decreased.

“We need to change the conversation about the night-time economy,” said Lamé. “If we don’t, there will be major opportunities that we, as Londoners, will miss out on.”

Lamé’s address coincided with news of the re-opening of London’s Fabric nightclub – which closed two months ago after drug controversies. Her role as the Night Czar has been described by Mayor Sadiq Khan as “a much-needed ambassador for the city after dark”.

She praised the economic growth of the night-time economy, saying that it supports one in eight jobs, contributes £26 billion pounds to London’s annual GDP and drives the economic and cultural regeneration of town centres.

“We need to balance the needs of businesses with red tape,”Lamé said. “We need to balance support for landowners and developers while retaining character and the things people really love about their neighbourhoods.”

Lamé finished her address by praising Croydon’s commitment to developing the night-time economy through cultural centres such as BRIT school (alumni includes musicians Adele and Kate Nash) and said that it is “claiming its place in history as the place for music incubation.”

Their have been predictions that the night tube, which is now open on the Northern, Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines, will bring about significant changes in London’s night time economy.

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