Opening of Deptford Market Yard marks progress for regeneration project

Pic: Deptford Market Yard Press.

Pic: Deptford Market Yard Press.

Deptford Market Yard officially opened its doors to the public today in a milestone for the Deptford regeneration project.

Circus performers, street food stalls and local musicians combined to mark its inauguration. Fourteen local independent shops, restaurants and start-up businesses that make up the new Deptford Market Yard celebrated the opening with discounts, free drinks and activities.

Located just off Deptford High Street, the new independent market is housed beneath the arches of the Victorian carriage ramp next to Deptford Station, London’s oldest railway structure.

Construction was completed in March 2016, but not all vendors had settled in by then. Among those opening their doors for the first time this week were Caribbean inspired street-food restaurant Mama’s Jerk, retail start-up Plain Bear and independent café Dirty Apron.

Pic: Deptford Market Yard Press.

Pic: Deptford Market Yard Press.

Plans to regenerate Deptford Town Centre have been ongoing since 2008, in preparation for “the increase in population and the additional demand on local services that new developments in the area will bring,” according to Lewisham Council.

“I think this development will help the area a lot and bring more traffic. It has given small businesses the opportunity to have somewhere to trade,” said Amie Touray, 26, owner of Be London Boutique at Deptford Market Yard.

The market is part of the Deptford Project, a £47 million partnership between the Borough of Lewisham and property developer U+I. It aims to regenerate the neighbourhood immediately surrounding Deptford High Street.

Other key elements of the project include improvements on local infrastructure, a new eight-storey apartment building known as The Tinderbox and the transformation of nearby St Paul’s House into a housing development.

The Deptford Market Yard is open every day from 9am until 9pm. For more information, visit their website.

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