Trump-v-Clinton: the best places to spend election night

American Flag Pic: Flickr

Pic: Mike Mozart

Pre-Election jitters? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for tonight. Eastlondonlines have sourced the best events from across East London to celebrate or commiserate the end of the most astonishing US Presidential Election in living memory.

Election Night: All American Party at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch.

True to form, The Blues Kitchen is putting on everything you’ll need tonight to celebrate or console. With live music from 9.45pm, you can feed your election fever with shots, nachos, star-spangled banners and either dancing into the night or crying into each other’s arms. 12pm till 12 am, free entry.

Popbitch Presidential Party: Electile (Dys)Function at Dinerama, Shoreditch.

A bit pricier than some events but your ticket will earn you a lot. Ten straight hours of partying with six screens of news and all-you-can-eat street food. Themed party games will be rounded off with a survivors’ breakfast to set you up for life under the new leader of the free world. 8pm-5am; tickets cost £53.

Election Results Night at Goldsmiths Student Union.

Beer pong, pub quiz and an old fashioned debate will be laid on – US style. if you fancy drowning your sorrows, join in with the results drinking game while watching events unfold. 8pm-7am, free entry.

US ElectionGiggle All Niter at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club.

Host Thom Tuck is at hand to help you giggle away the misery that this election cycle has inflicted. Line up includes Josie Long, Tez Ilyas, Ahir Shah, Leigh Alexander, Zoe Gardner, who are all here to make you feel like it might just be okay. 9pm till 6am, Early Bird tickets £8, Standard £10.

Clinton vs Trump at Belushis

Stuff your face with ribs, wings and hotdogs and order in pitchers of American beers until you can’t remember who is being elected anyway. Belushi’s all-night coverage will be live-streamed and accompanied by beer pong tournaments until you emerge weeping into the new dawn. 9pm-6am, entry from £5.

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