Plans to loan electric vans and trucks to Croydon and Sutton businesses

The Mayor of London has announced £123,306 has been allocated to support plans to loan electric vehicles to firms in the area, which it hopes will “reduce pollution caused by the high levels of construction in Croydon town centre”.

The project focuses on the Beddington Industrial Area, and will allow businesses based there to have access to electric vans and trucks. Charging points for these vehicles will also be installed.

The move is part of the ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’ scheme, jointly produced with Transport for London, which will “ease the transition for communities wanting to move to greener lifestyles”, according to the Mayor of London.

Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for environment and energy, said: “Tackling London’s poor air quality is a public health emergency that requires bold action at all levels of Government. These six innovative schemes will play a direct role cleaning the up toxic air in neighbourhoods across London, and could lead the way for similar schemes across the UK.”

The total funding for the ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’ project is £2.5 million and projects are ongoing throughout nine boroughs.

The largest project is in Hackney, Islington, and Tower Hamlets where almost £1.2 million has been allocated. This money will go towards creating ‘Electric Streets’, with electric vehicle only parking and loading.

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