Bakerloo line extension edges closer

Elephant & Castle tube station, where the Bakerloo line currently ends. Pic: Sunil060902

Public consultation on the proposed Bakerloo line extension is expected to start very soon, according to sources at TfL.

The project was first suggested in autumn 2014, followed by a subsequent assessment of future route options., with an extension to Lewisham via Old Kent Road and New Cross Gate as a likely route. The plan was outlined in the London Mayor’s manifesto in March 2016,. Sadiq Khan spoke of his eagerness to “work tirelessly to secure that proposed Bakerloo extension”. He added: “Extending the Bakerloo line to Lewisham and beyond will make a huge difference to Londoners in that part of our city, allowing them quicker, easier access to the rest of the city.”

Last December TfL published an executive summary revealing its plans for a public consultation. The exercise will reportedly start in the next few days and last for ten weeks, involving stakeholders and landowners of the affected sites.

Members of the public will be able to comment on each of the following proposals:

  1. An upgraded ticket hall and platform concourse at the Elephant and Castle station
  2. A new Old Kent Road 1 station in the northern area of the Old Kent Road
  3. A new Old Kent Road 2 station in the southern end of the Old Kent Road
  4. A new tube station at New Cross Gate with an interchange to National Rail and London Overground services
  5. A new tube station at Lewisham with an interchange to National Rail and DLR services
  6. Three new ventilation and intervention shafts – one between Elephant and Castle and Old Kent Road 1, another one between New Cross Gate and Lewisham, and one more beyond Lewisham station

Some believe the proposals do not go far enough. Lewisham councillor Brenda Dacres has said she will lobby for a further extension of the line.

“TfL’s plan to complete the first phase of the extension by 2029 to Lewisham is good news,” she said. “But what residents and businesses need is a further extension to Catford and beyond. TfL say that they will be looking into this for Phase Two, and I will be among those seeking to lobby and apply pressure to see the Bakerloo Line extend into Catford. This will really open up the borough and enhance and improve our transport links, which we desperately need.”

She added that the extension would be be good news for New Cross Gate and Lewisham, but even better news for Catford and beyond.

“We cannot afford to have our residents and businesses in the South of the borough without improved connectivity into and out of central London and neighbouring South East areas.”

The detailed funding programme for the scheme will be outlined in the future revision of the TfL Business plan.

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