CCTV footage released following raid on Shoreditch tech company

CCTV footage of the raid has been released, Pic: le Korrigan

Police in Hackney are looking for three men after £50,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a Shoreditch tech company on February 14.


CCTV footage, released this morning by detectives in Hackney, showed the three men forcing their way into the Bezzie Limited Technology Company in Paul Street with crowbars shortly after 1am.


James Haworth, of Bezzie said: “The burglary has had a significant impact on our business. The burglars destroyed a lot of property including many doors, which they have forced open.”


According to police, the burglars searched the building for half an hour before leaving with a number of phones, a laptop and camera equipment.


Leading the investigation, Detective Inspector Paul Riley of Hackney Criminal Investigation Department, said: “This was an organised raid which was clinically executed. Fortunately the burglars didn’t count on the foresight of the business that had installed covert cameras.


“Despite their efforts to destroy the footage and conceal their identities, we have clear images and moving footage. I am confident someone will know these men.”


Police describe the three men as white males aged in their mid-40s all wearing orange high-vis jackets. One of the men had his face uncovered while the other two concealed their faces with hoodies.


Detective Inspector Riley said: “One of the men is particularly distinctive. He walks with a pronounced gait and a curious swinging in his right arm. You will also notice on the image that the same man has a large gap between his mouth and nose.”


“We feel violated that these men have been in our personal space” said Haworth. “Our insurance premiums have soared since the burglary. A full security review of the property has now been undertaken.”


No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.

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