Kate Moss’s brother opens food van in Croydon

Surrey Market

Surrey Market, Croydon. Pic – Adrian Wallet (flickr)

Supermodel Kate Moss’ brother Nick Moss has entered the food industry with his new start-up called Vietvan, a food truck serving healthy and authentic Vietnamese food. The ex model and his partner operate the food pop-up close to the Surrey street market in Croydon.

He bought the food van in 2014; however, it opened to the public only earlier this year. He had planned to open an eatery in the new Boxpark in Croydon last year, but was unable to for personal reasons.

The pop-up eateries in the area are on the rise. This is a result of the effort made by the Croydon council in order to increase community integration and organize more events for the people of the borough.

The Vietvan, along with the other food trucks, focuses on healthy eating options and is part of the Food Flagship programme. The Food Flagship programme is an initiative undertaken by the Croydon council and the Greater London Authority.

In a press release, Councillor Louisa Woodley, cabinet member for families, health and social care said: “The purpose of Croydon’s Food Flagship programme is to improve local attitudes toward the benefits of growing, cooking and eating more nutritious food. This element of the programme for healthy food businesses will enable even more residents and visitors to the borough to eat well while out and about.”

The Croydon council has recently drafted a new policy that will see a rise in the events being held in Croydon. This includes pop-up markets, fairs, sporting events and markets. The Council has also created a new system, which enable future investors in a similar field or organising other events, to do so in a more convenient manner.

A list of the events that are being organised will also be available for all to view to avoid any clashes in the tight schedule that the policy will result in.

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