London’s cartographic tube map dresses

Elisabeth Lecourt and her Designs Pic: Francesca Lucarelli

An unusual collection of dresses made from old geographical maps has gone on display in Canary Wharf.

French-born artist Elisabeth Lecourt has spent the last 15 years transforming old maps of London into clothing. It all started back in 2002 after Lecourt began producing a series of sketches and clothing studies

Now London-based, the artist has put together a collection of designs and paintings, including “Ma Petite Robe Rayune”, crafted out of a London Tube Map.

Ma Petite Robe Rayune by Elisabeth Lecourt Pic: Francesca Lucarelli

By carefully folding the 2D cartographical paper, she has designed a range of stylish shirts and dresses, which she says carries a sense of “deep meaning and emotional history”.

Lecourt said of her collection: “I try to get the same pleasure I had as a child when I was painting then, being in that bubble, in that space, and putting the energy back into the canvas.”

Pieces were created to represent personal memories and experiences of physical places or people.

Having graduated from the Beaux Arts and Central St Martins Lecourt went on to study at London’s Royal College of Art. Her work has been exhibited across Europe, Asia and the US.

The collection will be on show in the First Edition Restaurant, Cabot Square from Feb 1 – March 24.

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