Anglo-Saxon skeleton on display in Croydon 

An Anglo-Saxon artefact. Pic: Chris Eccles (Flickr)

The medieval skeleton of an Anglo-Saxon individual is on display in the Museum of Croydon’s new exhibition at Riesco Gallery.

The remains were first discovered under a driveway during construction work in 2014. They were later flown to a laboratory in Florida, where they performed a process called carbon dating, which allows researchers to determine the age of artefacts by measuring the decay of carbon particles from the time of its demise.

The results of the test determined that the skeleton belonged to a medieval Anglo-Saxon individual. This led to the discovery of more remains from the same time period in the area and further studies were launched to learn more about Croydon’s rich history.

The burial techniques in various cultures have helped us understand many aspects and beliefs of people at different times. The discovery and study of this skeleton seems set to help us learn even more.

The exhibition will also feature various examples of Anglo-Saxon architecture and other aspects of their culture along with the skeleton. The areas within the borough in which most of these artefacts have been found are Lion Green Road, Riddlesdown Road and Edridge Road. These locations are also part of the Archaeological Priority Areas in Croydon.

Councillor Timothy Godfrey said: “Everyone knows Croydon for its 1960s ‘concretopia’ architecture but people are less aware of its rich Anglo-Saxon heritage. With potential future excavation and research at these sites in our borough more Anglo-Saxon history could still be uncovered.”

The exhibition is free for all visitors and will be open throughout the year with viewings Tuesday-Saturday every week.

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