Croydon music hotspot The Edge to close in weeks

The Edge is a South Croydon landmark.    Pic: Holly Patrick

One of the most famous pubs in Croydon, The Edge, is set to close in the next few weeks.

The venue on South End, which hosts regular live music performances and karaoke nights, will be taken over by current owners of the Crown & Pepper, which is located nearby on Croydon High Street.

Owners of the nearby Crown & Pepper will take over The Edge   Pic: Holly Patrick

It is understood that the new venue will be named The Canopy & Keg and will be turned into a part pub, part Lebanese restaurant.

John Reid, temporary manager of The Edge, told Eastlondonlines: “I’ve been working here for four months while the deal was done. It’s been fairly busy. We mostly get regulars and a lot of people on the weekend and the bands. It’s being turned into a Lebanese restaurant but I think they’re still going to have music on a Sunday and the bar is still going to be here as well.”

The Edge is just one of many closures of Croydon’s pubs and clubs in recent years. In January last year, leading nightclub Tiger Tiger closed, angering many locals and students.

Jo of  TheLadyLondon blog previously told Eastlondonlines: “It’s weirdly a bit of a South London institution. And if you want to get highbrow, it goes to show how Croydon’s changing. Old gentrification is beginning to creep in – there is no room for a Tiger Tiger in ‘hipsterville’.”

Speaking of the impact the closure will have on Croydon’s nightlife, Reid said: “I think that it might get better because they’re going to spend some money on the pub, he’s going to do a major refurbishment and brighten it up because at the moment it’s a bit dark. He’s going to change the colours and the name as well.”

Other venues that have closed in Croydon include Bar Txt also on South End, and near to The Edge which shut in February and The Black Sheep, the areas longest standing nightclub was also shut due to plans to build flats above it.

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