Feminist Hackney band performing at all-women festival

Dream Nails sing about issues they struggle with, fight against and laugh about Pic: Steph Jed

A Hackney and Harringay-based band are set to perform at an event run by an alternative feminist music collective this autumn.

Dream Nails, a feminist alternative band who got together in summer 2015 are part of the LOUD WOMEN Fest line-up.

The festival will include 20 acts, all of which are female-led. This year the event will take place at the DIY Space for London on September 2, which will be an all day event open to all ages, with earlybird tickets starting at £10.

LOUD WOMEN is a London-based not-for-profit alternative feminist music collective. They host regular live music nights featuring all-women bands, have an eZine with the latest music news, and even their own independent record label.

Dream Nails told EastLondonLines about the social environment when they decided to start their band, saying: “There was a lot of feminist direct action and protests. We decided to channel that angry energy and put it to music.”

They cite their inspirations as the Riot Grrrl movement, which took place in 90s America, as well as other bands they love. “What gets us going is our fellow bands in the UK DIY punk scene like the Tuts, Colour Me Wednesday, Charmpit, Screaming Toenail, Big Joanie, Skinny Girl Diet, and Personal Best.”

“Our lyrics are about the things we struggle with, fight against, and laugh about in our lives right now. Often songs will emerge out of conversations we’re having with each other – about our job troubles, society policing women’s bodies, or how much we hate rape jokes.”

Other bands included in the LOUD WOMEN fest line up include Petrol Girls, The Twistettes, Sink Ya Teeth, Party Fears, The Baby Seals, Beverly Kills, and more.

Speaking about being included in the LOUD WOMEN line-up, they said: “We always say Loud Women are like our fairy punkmothers. It’s an amazing feeling playing alongside so many talented women, when the music industry can be so sexist generally.”

“LOUD WOMEN Fest is about so much more than just amazing music – there are great people and conversations to be had, a really friendly atmosphere and you leave feeling so charged up with love and power.”

“If you’re into t-shirts, patches, posters and other band merch, there’s so much beautiful stuff to buy which supports the artists loads as well. We’ll be selling our homemade DIY EP zines for sure!”

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook for the fest here.

Learn more about Dream Nails and listen to their music here.

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