Generous stranger crowdfunds £3300 for crash victim’s family

Bellingham crash. Pic - Tim Gluckman

Claudiu Girdoc died after the crash in Bellingam last week. Pic: Tim Gluckman

A kind-hearted Bellingham man has set up a Crowdfunder  page after hearing that the family of a man killed in a crash last week couldn’t afford to fly him home – and it has already reached its original £2500 target.

The target was reached in just two days and it has been raised to £4,000 to further support the family in this difficult time.

Adam Niazi, creator of the crowdfunding campaign, said he wanted to help the family of Claudiu Girdoc  who died in hospital as a result of injuries sustained in the Bellingham collision, which happened on Sunday, February 26, at 8.20 am.

Girdoc was working at a car wash opposite Catford bus garage when a Mercedes drove into a group of five pedestrians and killed him.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said that life support was withdrawn on Friday, March 3 and Girdoc died.

As a regular client of the car wash where the victim used to work, Niazi said he was moved to create this site after going back there and finding Girdoc’s mother, Elena crying. He said: “It is actually the first time ever she is out of Romania and she doesn’t speak a word of English.

“With the help of Raul, a second cousin, who translated the conversation, they let me know that they needed over £3000 to fly the body back to Romania and other funeral costs

“That’s when I thought of creating a crowdfunding page to help them with funeral costs. It’s so overwhelming to see people come to come together at this time. There are so many altruistic generous people in this world which is just humbling.”

Girdoc’s cousin Raul Popescu told Eastlondonlines: “The family is really touched and grateful for what everyone’s doing for them.”

He was amazed by the large amount of money raised so quickly. He added: “I had already heard about these crowdfunding pages but I didn’t really know how to do it and when Adam said he would create one to help us I was thankful.

“His mum is heartbroken. Just imagine, she’s 60 year old, first time flying away from her country and she finds her son in this state. I’m not going back to Romania now because there is a lot to be sorted out at the moment with the police.”

Three other people who were hurt in the crash remain in hospital. A 25-year-old man is in critical condition; a 35-year-old woman is in serious but stable condition and a 46 year-old is being treated for a leg injury.

Police continue to investigate.


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