Ohara Davies – Derry Mathews press conference gets heated

The match will take place Saturday. Pic: Averro Creative (Creative Commons)

The match will take place Saturday. Pic: Averro Creative (Creative Commons)

Hackney-born boxer Ohara Davies exchanged heated words with Derry Mathews during their press conference on Monday in Liverpool, ahead of their lightweight clash on Saturday (March 4).

Fighting on the Haye-Bellew undercard, Ohara was drowned out by deafening crowds of fans supporting Mathews even before he reached the podium.

“I’ve got all of you guys coming to see me talk, and all you guys coming to see me fight,” said Davies, the unbeaten WBC Silver champion. “All of you guys secretly love me.”

With a record of 14 fights and no losses, Davies was quick to compare himself to his opponents. He said: “He’s been knocked out eight times, and I’ve never lost.”

Mathews, the experienced Liverpudlian boxer and former world champion, was visibly agitated and said: “I’ve boxed people who fought back, You’ve boxed absolutely no one and on Saturday you’re in for the shock of your life.”

The pair have a history on social media and have been trash-talking each other relentlessly since before the fight was even announced in early January.

After answering a journalist’s question regarding his comments about the Liverpool’s fans and his statement to them, Davies said: “Liverpool have some of the best females, but the worst fans.”

He continued to say: “Liverpool fans don’t understand boxing. They don’t know boxing.”

The fight will take place at the O2 Arena, London and will be televised by Sky Sports Box Office.



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