Teenager scales Canary Wharf building

Gallagher touching the pyramid on One Canada Sq. Pic: Night Scape (Youtube)

Security at Canary Wharf’s famous One Canada Square building has been questioned after a YouTube prankster and his friend managed to sneak in and climb to the top of the 700ft building, even touching the pyramid at one point.

19-year-old Harry Gallagher from Barkingside in Essex, otherwise known as Nightscape to his online followers, has made a name for himself, partaking in stunts such as this, in which he sneaks into high profile buildings with the aim of scaling the sides of the buildings in dangerous circumstances.

He then posts videos of his stunts on his Nightscape YouTube channel, which currently has over 500,00 subscribers.

Gallagher has previously explored sneaking into places such as West Ham stadium, an active construction site and an abandoned military airfield. However he has not always been successful with several of his stunts ending in arrests.

As baffling as his stunts are, many are more concerned about how the prankster was even able to enter the high profile Canary Wharf building.

In the video depicting the stunt, Gallagher and a male friend are seen to set off an alarm whilst sneaking into One Canada Square, although no security appear to respond to this. Moreover the pair actually found the door leading to the rooftop unlocked.

Video:Night Scape

Although they refused to comment to Eastlondonlines, The Canary Wharf Group, who own the building, released a statement saying they are “working with the metropolitan police” following the breach and have “tightened current security arrangements”.

Gallagher’s Canary Wharf antics have been covered widely in national media, with many calling the prank ‘reckless behaviour’. However he responded to these criticisms, tweeting to his 16,000 followers:


He also dropped hints of an upcoming stunt based in Dubai, suggesting the YouTube prankster has no intentions of slowing down his risky antics anytime soon.


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