Tower Hamlets park transformed by nature-inspired murals

The ‘Roaming Elephant’ mural. Pic: Edwina Rider

Artists are collaborating with the charity Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to create murals for the community to enjoy.

Featuring six street artists, the murals will be on show around the cemetery park and all share a nature-inspired theme.

One of the curators, Bablu Miah, told Eastlondonlines: “Having worked with the cemetery park last year in curating murals at Soanes Centre, with the help of a few artist friends of mine we are collaborating again.

“I myself am a Tower Hamlets local – I’ve been involved in the art scene here for many years. I want to do more with showcasing urban art to different communities because I find it brings people together and starts a dialogue.

“We all have a different perception of what art is, but it’s a catalyst to get communities to start engaging and being a part of something new.”

Miah arranged for artists from the UK, USA, Hungary and Spain to join the project, and has also enlisted Forest Recycling Project and Global Arts Supplies (who are providing spray paints for the artists) to help.

Miah is hoping that the project will bring some nature-based artistic culture to the local area for the community to enjoy.

The ‘Bird’ mural. Pic: Edwina Rider

Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park said: “Continuing our work to enhance the value, importance and appreciation of this important green link that runs between Bow Common Lane and Burdett Road, which links the southern side of the Cemetery Park to Mile End Park.”

The project comes on the back of last year’s similar collaboration, which saw 13 arches painted. So far this year, two murals have been completed and the remaining three are due to be started this month.  The park is also home to the environmental project Grounded Ecotherapy which provides a conservation programme to the ex-homeless.

The murals are based in Ackroyd Drive Greenlink part of the cemetery park.

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