Celebrate Vinyl: Eastlondonlines at Record Store Day 2017

In the run up to Record Store Day 2017, we have created a 3-day series to highlight the annual celebration and to give you the lowdown on how far vinyl records have come – from the good old ’90s to now. Rock on, vinyl lovers!

DAY ONE: Past meets present

What’s on – Record Store Day 2017: A readers’ guide to the places to be on Saturday, April 22, including the best vinyl record stores in and around your area, and who will be participating in the event.

A brief history of vinyl records: A short video on vinyl’s evolution.

“Vinyl lovers”: – the first of three profiles of avid local collectors. Meet DJ Eltham John.

DAY TWO: Vinyl records in numbers

The vinyl renaissance: why records are making a comeback – the story and data behind the biggest resurgence of vinyl records for the past 20 years.

Turning tables: the vinyl comeback in numbers – A short video on how vinyl records made their comeback over the past two decades.

“Vinyl lovers”: the second of our profiles of avid local collectors. Meet DJ Hatty Uwanogho.

DAY THREE: Celebrate independent record stores

“Every day is Record Store Day”: an interview with Ronnie Morrow, the man behind the independent record store, Vinyl Deptford.

“Vinyl lovers”: the last of our three profiles of avid local collectors. Meet DJ Yannick Jacob.


APRIL 22: Record Store Day live

Follow all the action live on Eastlondonlines throughout the day, or on @eastlondonlines, #recordstoreday2017


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