Find the best Easter Eggs according to ELL’s Choc-o-meter

Hey there chocolate lovers, are you excited for Easter? We know we are. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your egg choices never fear, we at Eastlondonlines have got you covered. We’ve collected data on eggs across the market including their cost, weight, cocoa solids, extras, price per cocoa solids and price per gram and plugged all of this into our Choc-o-meter to get their grand score.

The higher the score the better the egg. Although our philosophy is, as long as it’s chocolate can it really lose anyway?

ELL’s Choc-o-meter


Here’s a little more about each of the contestants…

Pink Shimmer Easter Egg by Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate

Price: £7.50

Choc-o-meter score: 28

It might have got the lowest score on our (very scientific!) Choc-o-meter, but this shiny pink competitor is our personal favourite here at ELL. This gorgeous egg from Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate is a little work of art as well as a delicious gift. Although it’s the smallest on our list at just 85g, 38% cocoa solids did pick it up some extra points. This egg can be ordered in all its pink shimmery glory from here.


Classic Ostrich Egg by Hotel Chocolat 

Price: £75

Choc-o-meter score: 29

If Willy Wonka opened a zoo the ostriches would lay eggs like these. Better put the loose-fitting trousers on for this one, that’s over a kilogram of chocolate. Do we need to say any more? Available online here.


Sculpture Dark Chocolate Egg by Artisan du Chocolat

Price: £35

Choc-o-meter score: 31

We’re down the chocolate rabbit hole for this bizarre Easter offering. It’s a sculpture/egg made out of Columbian dark chocolate, decorated with 18 carat gold leaf and includes mini eggs in a variety of flavours including guava, cherry and cardamom and spiced biscuit butter. It’s not dairy milk but it still sounds pretty good to us. Available online here.


Belgian Milk Chocolate Solid Egg by The Solid Chocolate Company

Price: £24.99

Choc-o-meter score: 30

For the person in your life who thinks there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, this sumo-sized 750g egg is a real bruiser. It’s Choc-o-meter score was hurt by being a little pricey for its cocoa solids but that much chocolate should keep you going for a while, or at least until the May Day bank holiday. The Solid Chocolate Company’s eggs come in Milk, Dark, White and Caramel and can be ordered online here.


Brownie Hard-Boiled Easter Egg by Hotel Chocolat

Price: £15

Choc-o-meter score: 31

Check out this drool worthy egg from Hotel Chocolat. Suitable for serious chocolate enthusiasts only, this is the most chocolatey egg on our list with 50% cocoa solids. It also comes with six of Hotel Chocolat’s heart-stopping Brownie Chocolates, we’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven. Order online here.


Cadbury Crème Egg Easter Egg XL

Price: £4

Choc-o-meter score: 32

Does anything say Easter more than crème eggs? Here at ELL we certainly don’t think so. This whopper egg from Cadbury picks up points on our Choc-o-meter in the Price per gram category and with five delicious crème eggs included there’s very little not to like. Available online here.


Cadbury Dairy Milk XL Easter Egg

Price: £6

Choc-o-meter score: 33

An honourable third place rosette for an absolute classic. Any chocolate lover will tell you Dairy Milk is our bread and butter, or bread and chocolate, well just chocolate really. You also get extra Dairy Milk bars for when you get tired of your chocolate being egg shaped. Available online here.


Galaxy Milk Chocolate Ripple Easter Egg XL

Price: £6

Choc-o-meter score: 35

Are you Team Dairy Milk or Team Galaxy? At ELL we don’t discriminate and aggressively encourage the enjoyment of all cocoa based treats. This egg scooped up high scores in both the Price per gram and Price per cocoa solids categories to take second place, what’s more you get both minstrels AND galaxy ripple bars to gorge on long after your egg has gone. Available online here.


And now for our joint winners, drum roll please…


Celebrations Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Price: £4

Choc-o-meter score: 38

Tying for the top spot with Smarties this large chocolate Easter egg is packed full of more chocolate, which along with scoring well on the Price per gram category seems to have been the key to conquering the Choc-o-meter. At just £4 it’s the perfect gift this Easter weekend. Available online here.


Smarties Medium Easter Egg

Price: £1.50

Choc-o-meter score: 38

Chocolate should be eaten as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. As such Smarties, being rather smart obviously, have coloured their chocolate so that it’s basically fruit and therefore good for you. The cheapest and second smallest egg on this list Smarties prove that bigger isn’t necessarily better scoring top points in our Price per gram and Price per cocoa solids categories to tie for first place. Available online here.


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