Four ways to help save London’s nightlife

With so many nightclubs closing all over the capital, it is now widely accepted that London’s nightlife is under threat. But there may also be green shoots of hope, whether it be new venues opening, London’s first Night Czar, or simply a wider awareness of the issues.

So what can we do to help protect the future of the night in our beloved city? Here are five ways everyday ravers can chip in and do their bit:

1) Educate yourself and join in the conversation

The threats facing London’s nightlife are varied and complex. By using our series and finding out more online, you can swat up on all the issues at play, be it: licensing laws, property development, or problems with crime. It’s not as simple as blaming your local council, because there are more nuanced factors involved. There is most likely some sort of conflict going on in your local area right now, so you can make a difference.

Good people to follow on social media are Amy Lame, the new Night Czar, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), Dan Beaumont, of Dalston Superstore and Voodoo Rays, and the Music Venues Trust

2) Take part in the campaign #savenightlife

The NTIA has launched a campaign called #savenightlife. By donating to the cause, signing the online petition, emailing your local councillor via the website, or even just using the hashtag, it can have an impact. In doing so you will join a long list of important figures in the industry that have pledged their support, including: Carl Cox, Eats Everything and Seth Troxler, as well as authoritative sites and institutions such as Resident Advisor and Fabric.

Find out more on the campaign’s website.

3) Do It Yourself!

Why not make a difference by starting your own night or learning how to DJ? It’s no easy feat, but there’s no better way than this to shape nightlife the way you want it to be. Even in difficult times DIY nights are on the rise. Carving out your own niche and creating a close-knit community around your night will ultimately be a rewarding experience.

4) Go out!

Night-time culture can only thrive when people go out and partake. Click here for our interactive guide to all the open clubs in the ELL area.

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