Quiz: Are you a fickle Millwall fan?

Are YOU a fickle Millwall fan? In today’s part of our series Lost Lions we touch upon the so-called “glory-hunters” of Millwall who only turn up to the big games, the derbies, the FA Cup matches against Spurs. We caught some Millwall fans before the Port Vale game outside the Den (below) and quizzed them to see how good their Lions knowledge was!

So do you only buy a ticket for the “big games”? Or are you a True Lion who didn’t just become a Manchester United fan (based in London, of course) after Millwall got relegated? Do you still follow Millwall now that they’re no longer in the Championship? Are you a glory hunter who would ditch your team should they drop into the lower league?

Take another Millwall general knowledge quiz below to prove yourself – AND your worth!

[slickquiz id=5]

This article is part of a series titled Lost Lions: where are Millwall’s fans? Tomorrow we visit The Den on match day, explore what Millwall are doing to regain their fans, and how they give back to their local community.

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