Lewisham Southwark College to join the NCG college group

Lewisham Southwark College in Brockley    Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Lewisham Southwark College announced today (May 12) they will be merging with NCG, one of the UK’s biggest college groups.

The college will formally join the group in August, following agreement by governors of both institutions.

Lewisham Southwark College principal, Carole Kitching, said: “[The merger will provide] a catalyst for growth in the range of programmes we can offer students, including vocational training and technical higher education.

“We will continue to determine our own curriculum in response to local need, with NCG’s full backing for growth and development. The college will maintain a high degree of autonomy through the powers delegated to a local college board.”

This is the second of NCG’s acquisitions this year. Carlisle College joined the Newcastle-based group last month and Lewisham will take the total number of colleges under its wing to six, making it the second largest further education (FE) institution in the country. It is estimated that the merger with the Brockley-based college could increase NCG’s profits by £30 million.

All five of the group’s current colleges have been recently rated ‘good’ by Ofsted.


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