Teenage girls arrested in East London on suspicion of terror offences

Armed police officers outside Downing Street        Pic: Stanislav Kozlovskiy


Three teenage girls were arrested in connection with “an active terror plot” at three different locations around east London on Monday (May 1).

The young women – two of whom are 18 and one of whom is 19 – remain unnamed.

The arrests were made in connection to the Willesden police raid last week. Since the raid, in which a 21-year-old woman was shot, 10 arrests have been made in accordance with the Terrorism Act.

The Guardian reported that the raid was in response to a terror plot, which is believed to have been contained by police.

The 21-year-old woman – who is the first woman shot by police since 2007 – was arrested after release from hospital last Sunday (April 30th).

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the plot has now been foiled, as a result of the arrests and
counter-terrorism operation.

“ACT”- Action Counters Terrorism, a recently launched campaign to encourage cooperation between the police and the public – to thwart terrorism – reports that since 2014, the terrorist threat is “severe” with attacks likely.

As of March – it was reported that since 2013 – 13 large scale plots have been countered.

Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley encouraged the public, in a BBC Radio 4 Today programme in March, to: “Trust your instinct.”

The 10 arrested suspects are currently detained at different police stations in and around London. The suspects can be held with court approval for a maximum of two weeks.

Any suspicions or queries in regards to terrorism can be reported to ACT.

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