Thousands attend “phenomenal” anti knife crime march through Hackney

The knife (pictured) that was found on a 12-year-old boy in Hackney on May 5     Credit: Met Police

Grieving mothers who have lost children in violent knife attacks led a peace march through Hackney on Sunday (May 7), calling for an end to knife crime in the borough.

The march, which went from Islington to Hackney, drew in thousands of supporters carrying banners and posters covered with the faces of victims.

The mother of murdered teen Marcel Addai headed the rally, which she said was organised as part of the fight against the “killing that goes on every single day”.

Philippa Addai’s son was just 17 when he was fatally stabbed in Hoxton in September 2015.

The march was organised by The Crib youth club, that reported that 2,000 people were in attendance, coming from all over London in a display of solidarity.

Janette Collins, founder of The Crib, said: “It was phenomenal. It was just breathtaking. All the people who came out to support those parents were on the same page.”

The march comes just days after a 12-year-old boy was remanded in custody after police found him carrying a large kitchen knife on the streets of Hackney.

The knife, found on the child on Friday (May 5), was recovered as part of the Met Police’s Operation Sceptre, which aims to reduce knife crime in London.

Last November Detective Inspector Gary Anderson, who is coordinating Operation Spectre, said: “Knife carrying and gang culture are not something that can be combatted by police alone.

“Youngsters need to be made aware that carrying a knife is not normal behaviour and is against the law.”

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