Tower Hamlets mayor calls for more police after Manchester bombing

Liverpool vigil held following the attack in Manchester Pic: James O’Hanlon on Flickr


The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has called for a higher police presence in East London following the attack in Manchester on Monday night.

Speaking on Tuesday evening, John Biggs condemned what he called a “heartless and cowardly attack”.

Currently 22 people are confirmed dead with a further 116 people left injured, some in critical conditions, following the suicide bombing that occurred at around 10.35pm on Monday.

The attacker is thought to have detonated a bomb containing nuts and bolts in the foyer of Manchester Arena, following American singer Ariana Grande’s concert, and resulting in the death and injury of concert goers, many of which were children.


Current Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs Pic: Mike Brooke

Biggs added: “Nothing can ever justify the murder of innocent children. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Manchester.”

During his statement, Biggs said he believed it is ‘only right’ to have an increased police presence on the streets in order to protect and reassure the community.

His comments yesterday came as the Prime Minister Theresa May said that up to 5,000 soldiers would be deployed onto the streets as the country’s terror threat level has been raised to critical, for the first time in 10 years.

East London has previously been subject to terrorist attacks, most recently the 7/7 suicide bombings, one of which occurred on an underground train travelling towards Aldgate station.


Armed Police on the streets of London following increased terror threat level Pic: Andrew Buckie on Flickr

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