Croydon to push growth for small businesses

Small businesses in Croydon to be pushed. Pic: diamond geezer (Flickr)

Small businesses in Croydon are being asked to speak out about how their growth can be supported by the local council.

In an effort to boost the local community, the Small Business Commission has been investigating the challenges faced by local SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) when trying to grow in the borough.

To go alongside the report, a draft action plan, which will create strategic next steps, will be drawn up today, to help the local businesses move forward.

Councillor and cabinet member for economy and jobs Mark Watson said: “I am pleased a number of achievable actions have been put forward that will enable the council and its partners to further support local businesses to grow, creating a thriving local economy and new job opportunities for Croydon residents.

“I’d encourage all Croydon SMEs to share their views on the initial recommendations and help shape the final report and action plan.”

The report surveyed over 1,500 small businesses, as well as conducting focus groups and interviews across the borough.

Preliminary findings indicated that the most common issues faced were thing such as access to funding, rising business rates, recruiting staff and finding affordable spaces.

Andrew Bauer, chairman of the Small Business Commission said: “We’ve heard the views of hundreds of local businesses and it’s clear from our investigation Croydon has a dynamic, innovative and ambitious business community.

He further encouraged SME’s to speak up. He added: “I’d urge all businesses to read our findings and share their feedback with us, particularly if their views and experience differ to those we have spoken to.”

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