Lewisham police thankful after heartfelt letter

Police thanked by a stranger for all their hard work. Pic: Jorge Royan (Wikimedia Commons)

Police in Lewisham have spoken of their appreciation after receiving a postcard thanking them for their work in the wake of the London Bridge terror attacks.

The postcard read:  “At this awful time thanks to all of you here at Lewisham and all your colleagues for what you do everyday.”

The country was briefly put under threat level ‘critical’ following an attack on the Manchester Arena after a performance by singer, Ariana Grande on May 24. This was changed to ‘severe’ on May 27.

The Metropolitan Police have stepped up patrols in the capital to ensure a strong presence on the streets.

On Saturday, June 3, the police in east London were again alerted when there was an attack in London Bridge, causing multiple casualties and seven known fatalities. The attackers used a van to run people over, and used a ’12-inch knife’ to cause further injuries.



If you think you know something about the recent attacks or possible others, please call the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or if it is an emergency, run, hide and call 999 immediately.

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