Croydon man sentenced to jail after shooting wrong house

Shakoor and Amin jailed for combined total of 22 years. Pic: Croydon Met Police

A Croydon man has been sentenced to jail after shooting at what is believed to be the wrong house.

Sohail Amin, 25, from Croydon along with Junaid Shakoor, 25, from Wandsworth have been jailed for a combined total of 22 years after shooting into a house full of people.

Both men received a sentence of eight years for possession of a firearm with the intent to cause violence and a further three years for possession of ammunition without a certificate.

It is believed the shooting, that consisted of firing three gunshots, was aimed at the wrong house in a case of mistaken identity. The shooting happened on February 11 when six people were present in the house. Police don’t know who the intended target of the shooting was, but don’t think it was any of the people in the house at the time because none of them have any links to criminality or gang crime.

After the shooting when the police were at the house investigating, a blue Ford Focus drove towards the crime scene and then immediately reversed back away. Police circulated a description of the vehicle which led to it being quickly pursued.

Both men got out of the car and ran. Shakoor tried to throw away a pair of latex gloves being before arrested by the police nearby. Amin threw an illegal handgun away as he ran before later being found hiding from the police.

Both suspects denied any knowledge of the incident or the firearm and gave mixed accounts for their presence in the area and why they had tried to escape from police. However, a photo of Amin holding the gun was found on his phone by police, and gunshot residue was found on Shakoor’s clothes.

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