Hackney-born Bake Off star voted ‘most likely to be on the show’

Liam Charles, GBBO contestant. Pic: @liamcbakes Twitter

Great British Bake Off contestant Liam Charles was voted as most likely to appear on the to show at school by his friends.

The current Goldsmiths University drama student impressed his friends at school with his baking talents and has since picked up the nickname ‘Cake Boy’ at university. He said: “My fellow students at Uni started to call me ‘Cake Boy’ because they didn’t know my name! The nickname stuck and now that is what I am known as! But I certainly don’t mind because I don’t want baking to be thought of as a stigma.”

Charles, 20, is the youngest contestant on this years show and admitted that he has discussed show business techniques with presenters Sandi and Noel. He said that although it may be challenging, he wants to combine drama and baking when he finishes university.

Charles’s former head teacher at Stoke Newington School Annie Gammon told the Evening Standard she hoped he would win the competition. Gammon said: “Liam was a delightful, cheerful, helpful, friendly boy. He would make baking tray after tray of beautiful cupcakes to sell for charity when he was in the upper years. He was really professional even then.

“In those end-of-school jokey awards he got the title of ‘student most likely to appear on Bake Off’.”

Charles said he applied to go on the show because he wants to be pushed to the limits of his baking abilities, as well as inspire a new generation of bakers. He said: “I wanted to push myself further. I am such a massive fan and so every time I watched it, if they made cakes, I would then go and bake cakes. Biscuit week for them – it would be the same for me!”

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