Croydon worst south London borough for business burglaries

Business burglaries are on the rise in Croydon Pic: Metropolitan Police

New data from the Metropolitan police has revealed that Croydon is the worst borough in South London for business burglaries.

The borough ranked fifth overall across the city with 1769 robberies between July 2016 and June 2017; Westminster ranked highest on the list with 4426 business robberies.   

Locksmith Service UK recently analysed the police data released in August and discovered thefts had risen by seven per cent in the past year.

Victor Baron, who compiled the data, said: “Burglaries and theft-related crimes in commercial properties is certainly not uncommom … those who consider themselves less vulnerable with lower value stock are in fact more susceptible as they go to very little lengths to protect their building, therefore making themselves east targets.” 

Another threat to Croydon’s businesses comes from cyber crime.  The Governments now ranks cyber crime as a Tier 1 Threat with figures reporting losses of £91.2 million to business and individuals last year in the six months leading up to September.

From April to September last year  71,898 reports of fraud were reported to the London Police with 77 per cent of those coming from businesses.  In response to the threats of cyber crime the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) was created which is designed to help small businesses manage cyber risks and threats. 

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