Met Police hunt cyclist after “needless assault” on pedestrians


Metropolitan police are searching for a man suspected of assaulting three people in Hackney after a night out.

The man was riding a bicycle down City Road and used the bike to plough into the three victims, then launched what police said was an unprovoked attack on them.   

The video below shows how the attack left one 24-year-old man unconscious and a 31-year-old woman with a broken nose after a punch to the face. The CCTV footage shows the attacker mounting the pavement at speed, and cycling through the victims as they walk between a building and a bus stop.  The victims then walk on with the assailant following them, then engaging in a short verbal confrontation which led to the assault.

Following the attack, the man remounted his bicycle and fled in the direction of Islington. Police describe him as black man, aged in his 20s.  He was wearing a dark polo shirt and black trousers. He also had a distinctive large beard.

The crime took place on August 13, 2017 at around 3am, and the CCTV footage has now been released in hopes of identifying the suspect. The incident happened in an area popular with partygoers due to the large amount of bars, clubs, and pubs. In the month leading up to the attack city road saw 12 crimes including theft and vehicle crime.

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