Uber offers refund after fare hike following Croydon bomb scare

Uber has promised to refund passengers involved in the incident. Pic: Uber

Uber pledged today to refund commuters stranded at East Croydon Station after a bomb scare yesterday led to people paying almost triple their normal fare.  

 The so-called “surge” price came after the station was forced to close after reports of a suspicious package.

In a statement given to Eastlondonlines an Uber spokesperson explained how the app uses “dynamic pricing” to increase the fare in areas of high demand as an incentive for drivers to go to that area. Because of the extra strain placed on drivers the price went up automatically.  

Since then many have criticised Uber, accusing them of capitalising on the panic that ensued the potential bomb scare. Ashish Mehta wrote on Twitter: “Where’s your shame?”

The firm have since confirmed all rides will be refunded. A spokesperson told ELL: In the event of a serious incident Uber disables dynamic pricing and refunds trips as we did in the case of the terror attacks at Westminster Bridge, Manchester, London Bridge and Parsons Green earlier this year.

“By the time we heard about the bomb scare at East Croydon the police had confirmed the item was not suspicious. We are nevertheless ensuring everybody who took a trip from the station last night will only pay the standard fare.” 

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