Hackney residents turn to Twitter to expose offenders as rogue parking continues to rise

Illegal parking in Broadway Market Pic: LundunFeeldz

A growing number of residents in Hackney are now taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations against rampant illegal parking in the area, saying they are highlighting the council’s inability to impose strict regulations on the streets.

Despite a decision to install CCTV cameras in the area of Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill taken at a recent council meeting, one resident was quick to point out on Twitter that dangerous double parking on the road had delayed a fire engine from responding to an incident on November 1. Local police later revealed that the driver had been let off with a verbal warning and a fine.


Another Twitter user @LundunFeeldz put forward a slew of complaints regarding the Broadway Market area, stating that delivery vans being parked on the pavement are a regular sight. Even though the council does not respond directly, the user suggested that the tweets can trigger temporary action.

Contacted on Twitter, the user, who did not wish to be named, said:“I know that the deluge of pictures and tweets do have an impact, but it needs to be done on an ongoing basis; not just once and then hoping for the best. The serial offenders have become immune to these complaints because of the lack of stricter regulations.”

@LundunFeeldz said: “Most of the companies that own these delivery trucks get back to me directly. While some of them argue about the legality of their parking, others apologise and stop offending. Worst offenders such as Green Island have refused to mend their ways despite several council visits.”

Ocado arguing about the legality of their parking. Pic: @LundunFeeldz


A survey conducted in April 2017 by UK charity Sustrans on behalf of the London Borough of Hackney and Transport for London (TfL) in Broadway Market, acknowledged the role of Twitter in identifying issues that aggravate traffic build-up.

Officers from Stamford Hill Police station have give illegal parkers official Warning Notices telling that them that repeat offenders might have their vehicles seized:


In the same council meeting a member of the public raised concerns regarding anti-social parking that endangered pedestrians and cyclists alike particularly children walking to the local schools around Stamford Hill.

In February, the council posted CCTV footage – see below – of five cars blocking the pavement on Oldhill Street in Stamford Hillquick succession, with pedestrians being forced to skirt around them.

Hackney’s Councillor for transport, Feryal Demirci said: “The council is simultaneously seeking to implement borough wide, zone by zone controlled parking coverage and environmental pricing, taking into account the air quality, environment and other pertinent considerations.”

Residents from the area have been promised assistance by local PCSOs and the ward officer has promised to tackle the parking issue by engaging directly with drivers.




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