From Christmas trees to festive food: How a Lewisham project is selling trees to feed those in need

Lewisham project sells Christmas trees to help those in need. Pic: FluffyMuppet

A Lewisham-based project is selling Christmas trees to provide over 4000 meals for homeless people in the borough this Christmas.

King’s Christmas Trees is a project selling Christmas trees in Lewisham to raise funds to provide meals for the rough sleepers in the borough.

The project helps fund the work of the Jericho Street Project which provides free hot food, clothing and advice to up to 140 people every week, at their event called The Feast.

Alice Tibbert, from King’s Christmas Trees, said: “It is a tradition for many people, to go out and buy a Christmas tree. This way, they buy a tree and buy a gift for someone else in the form of a meal at The Feast.”

The Feast takes place every Wednesday in Catford, and provides a three-course meal, toiletries and clothing for those that need it, as well as housing and benefit advice. They also own six residential homes to house up to 27 vulnerable people at a time in order to help them re-engage with the local community.

The project has been going since 2011 but this year, the group are hoping to sell over 600 trees. At this point in the year, they have already sold 476 trees, getting them closer to their target.

Last year, they earned over £8000 from selling the trees, and another £2000 from extra donations from Lewisham residents. This provided 4500 meals for vulnerable people in the borough with the £10,ooo they funded.

Alice Tibbert, from King’s Christmas Trees, said: “We want everyone in Lewisham to have a great Christmas and show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

King’s Christmas Trees are selling trees in four locations in Lewisham:
– Bromley Road Retail Park, Catford
– St Mary’s school, Beckenham
– Shaftesbury centre, Deptford
– JAGS school, Dulwich.

The trees can also be bought online and home delivery is available from the King’s Christmas Trees website.

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