Open call painting exhibition in Deptford celebrates second year

Open Call Painting Exhibition Pic: Mayran Osman

A Deptford gallery is celebrating its second open call painting exhibition and even had to close registration six weeks early due to the size of the response.

The open call for painters in Lewisham was advertised on social media.

Nichole Herbert Wood, director of  Second Floor Studios in Deptford, Nichole Herbert Wood, told ELL: “This is a true open. There is no selection, no curating, it is about the celebration of painting.

“People sometimes feel that when you go to an exhibition there is a bit of an old boys club. This is just – if you paint, and if you want to exhibit your work, then this is your opportunity.”

The open call has allowed artists to exhibit and sell their work for the first time. The directors plan to provide more space and opportunities for emerging artists to showcase and sell their work in the future.

Open Call Painting Exhibition Pic: Mayran Osman

Robert Fitzmaurice is an exhibiting painter at the Deptford studio. His work is currently being featured as the face of the event. He said: “This open call, unlike some, is not judged – anybody who registered and submitted got in.”

“What it shows is a real autonomy around critical engagement, such a diversity of styles and techniques. An event like this is very important because it brings painters together that only know each other through social media.”

Mary Thrasivoulou Spence is also showcasing her work at the studio. She is an abstract painter and has roots in abstract expressionism. She told ELL about her work: “I feel that it is related to music, in that you don’t need words for a piece of music to make you feel something.

“The things I paint are usually inspired by something I have seen, whether that is visually, physically, or a piece of music interpretation. My work happens in a sequence and series and it evolves all the time. I think of it as composing music and follow one lead after the other.”

The open call painting exhibition is open from 14-17 December at Arch 29, Rolt Street, Deptford.

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