Parkour enthusiast who jumped into water from DLR train at Canary Wharf is charged

Ricky Brewer in Frankfurt. Pic: Rikke_brewman

A Parkour enthusiast has been charged over an incident where he was filmed jumping from a Docklands Light Railway train into water at Canary Wharf.

Ricky Brewer, aged 18, of Aldershot, has been charged with endangering safety on the railway and will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ on 18 December.

The footage was placed on YouTube and was subsequently reported to British Transport Police in September.

The video shows Brewer and a friend climbing on top of the driverless train before jumping into a dock in front of diners at a Café Rouge restaurant.

In the video, the person filming the stunt can be heard telling Brewer to hurry up and run. Following the stunt, Brewer is filmed telling his followers: “OK guys, I hope you enjoyed that. I would not advise anyone else to copy what we do. Stay safe out there guys. That was insane. Hope you guys loved it. Peace out.”

British Transport Police subsequently opened an investigation and called the stunt “reckless and illegal”.

A 15-year-old teenager was also arrested; he has been bailed pending a referral to a Youth Offending Team.

Superintendent Chris Casey said: “We completely condemn the dangerous actions of these two boys. They risked their lives and the lives of others for the sake of a YouTube video.

“Our officers have experienced first-hand the devastation that families are left with when a loved one is killed or seriously injured on the railway. Behaviour such as this is not worth the risk.”

The vlogger has been posting videos on YouTube for over a year of himself and friends taking part in various stunts. Parkour or freerunning usually involves moving between buildings and other objects, such as trains, using running, vaulting, climbing and swinging.

He has previously been in legal trouble for other stunts. In 2016, Brewer filmed himself and friends leaping onto the top of a Metro train and dramatically “surfing” it over the River Seine. Brewer and his Parkour group also got into trouble when they broke into the Paris headquarters of nuclear power company Areva. They walked freely through its offices before performing stunts on the roof of the skyscraper building.

Brewer is part of Parkour group Brewman which he co-founded with his friend Nye Newman. Newman, 17, from Surrey, died from head injuries in December last year when he tried to take a selfie while climbing between two train carriages on the Paris Metro.


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