New nature inspired murals unveiled celebrate the beauty of birdlife

Last Bird Mural

This special sixth and final bird mural is due to be finished in early February, by artist Curtis Hylton. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Tower Hamlets residents will soon be able to see new murals in the Cemetery Park, featuring different types of birds.

Five of the six murals at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park have now been completed, according to founder of the art collective Trapped in Zone One Bablu Miah, who is heading the mural project.

He told East London Lines that the remaining mural was in later stages of completion, expected to be finished in early February:

“The last mural is extra special, painted by artist Curtis Hylton depicting a bird comprised of the symbolic flowers associated with the nationalities which formed the Labour Corps during WW1 and will be part of the Unremembered Project in partnership with Big Ideas Company and the Department for Communities and Local Government.”

Bee Mural

Mural One: Bees by artist Ketones6000. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Mural Two: Pheasant

Mural Two: Pheasant by artist Aspire. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Chicken Mural

Mural Three: Chicken by artist Charlie McFarley. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Owl and Robin mural

Mural Four: Owl and Robin by artist Woskerski. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Trapped in Zone One teamed up with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and the British Trust of Ornithology (BTO) to work on this series of nature focused murals on the bridge arches of the Ackroyd Drive Green link area of the park.

Miah said the bird theme was chosen after consulting all of the six involved artists. They were supported by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and also by Great Art and Brewers Paint.

The artists of the murals include Aspire, Woskerski, Ketones6000, Charlie McFarley and Mr Christa, and were all completed using spray cans.

The first set of murals were completed across different areas of the park in early 2017.

Trapped in Zone One then confirmed the next set of artworks, covering the older murals, would be completed in the early months of 2018 in December, 2017.

Creative director of Trapped in Zone One Natalia Suvorova said: “We’re always interested in doing art events to showcase the best of Tower Hamlets through art, and give something back to the community, and therefore keen to collaborate with anyone that is happy to work with us.”

Hummingbird Mural

Mural Five: Hummingbird by artist Mr Christa. Pic: Kitty Boyle

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park have asked visitors to share their opinion of the Ackroyd Drive Green Link area of the park by completing this survey, available here.

A map of where to find the new murals in Tower Hamlets is also available via this link:

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