Restaurant hit in latest Brockley vandalism attack

Owners of Cafe Side By Side

Owners of Masala Wala Cafe, Saima Arshad, left and Nabeela Muqadiss, were left distraught by the damage. Pic: Masala Wala Cafe

A plague of vandalism has hit the centre of Brockley, as Masala Wala Café became the fifth business to be attacked in recent months.

The restaurant, near Brockley Road, had their door smashed overnight on January 15.

The owners of the restaurant, mother and daughter Saima Arshad and Nabeela Muqadiss, learned about the event via tweets from passers-by.

The weekend before, Masala Wala Café was the scene of a motorcycle accident, which left the restaurant taped off Saturday night.

Vandalised door of Masala Wala Cafe

Vandalised door of Masala Wala Cafe. Pic: Masala Wala Cafe

Arshad said: “This event [vandalism] cost our business a serious amount to replace the safety glass…

“These events coupled together [with the motorcycle accident] were disastrous for us financially.

“We felt confused as to why somebody would perform such mindless vandalism to an independent business.”

Masala Wala Café is the latest business to be attacked in the area. The Brockley Deli, situated opposite, had their window destroyed just two weeks before Christmas.

The Gantry, Malaysian Deli and Jam Circus, which are also on Brockley Road, have been vandalised in recent months.

Map of Brockley Attacks

A map of the vandalism affecting business in Brockley Central. Pic: Google Maps

Owners of The Gantry gave support over Twitter, but said: “Is it me or are local businesses being targeted here?”

Arshad also said: “After hearing comments from other business owners I realise there is a pattern, I feel some people are targeting businesses that look nice, not realising the impact it has to the people behind them.”

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