Family Justice Centre highlights domestic abuse services

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International Women’s Day 8th March. Pic: International Women’s Day

Croydon’s Family Justice Centre (FJC) marked this month’s International Women’s Day by highlighting the range of services available to victims of domestic abuse and violence in the borough.

Whilst the FJC helped over 1000 women last year, domestic violence and abuse crimes against women in London continue to rise. In 2016 over 1600 rapes were committed, and because of the nature of abuse crimes, many remain unreported.

Councillor Hamida Ali, the cabinet member for communities, safety and justice, said: “One in four women will experience domestic abuse at some point during their lifetime – which equates to 38,500 women in Croydon.

“Anyone can be abused, regardless of their social background, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender, and we would encourage all of them to seek help.”

The Family Justice Centre aimed to promote a range of services designed to help women who are victims of a range of abuse: from physical to emotional and psychological.

FJC has already trained 16 volunteers, 38 schools and 25 council staff members to help clients and provide informed, long-term support and help in areas such as housing, health, children’s centres and emotional stability. The FJC’s goal is to make the public of Croydon aware of the variety of services and support in place for victims.

International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8 this year and was an annual celebration of women’s rights, incorporating everything from justice movements to equality marches, trans women’s rights and fight against domestic violence. For more information on international women’s day events, see the official website.

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