Hackney Council raises council tax for the fourth year in a row

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville Pic: Hackney Council

Hackney Council have confirmed that they will raise council tax by three per cent in their 2018/9 annual budget.

The decision confirmed at Hackney Town Hall on Wednesday will raise around £2.2m for council services such as adult social care, looked after children, road works and housing.

This is the the fourth year in a row that council tax has increased in the borough, after a 10 year freeze across all properties. Hackney residents have now had their council tax increased over 10% since 2015.

Hackney Mayor Phillip Glanville has said in response: “Increasing council tax isn’t an easy decision; I know the rising cost of living and worsening housing crisis continue to affect us all, but this extra contribution will help to maintain the vital services that people rely on and value, while still given all the challenges we face keeping it as low as possible.”

“We will keep campaigning and doing all we can to make Hackney’s voice heard as a campaigning Council.”

Band D households will pay an extra £31.20 a year, raising their total council tax contribution to £1374.67.

Since 2010, Hackney’s budget has been slashed again and again by austerity measures. The council predict by 2019/20 their budget will be £170m- almost half of their 2010 budget. Hackney has had the biggest funding cut per head (£512) of any London borough. In the 2018/9 budget, Glanville described the borough as being “at breaking point.”

Hackney Council tax rise since 2012

The budget sets out that the money made from the 3% increase will be split; 2% will be spent on adult social care (helping those that are at risk or disabled) and the remaining money on services that the council have recommended.

Included in the budget is also a capital spending programme that will see over £10m spent on Hackney’s local parks and schools, also a plan to build 3,000 homes in the borough.

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