Meet the owners of the fantasy-themed bar with working wands

You would be forgiven for thinking that you were in a Floridian theme park rather than a Dalston basement when you enter The Cauldron.

The fantasy-themed bar’s attention to magical detail is impressive and it’s no surprise their cocktail making experience is sold out until July.

American born technologist Matt Cortland was inspired by the worlds of Westeros, Narnia and Middle Earth to create this bar with the hopes of upscaling into a fully fledged fantasy themed pub in central London.

Within a week of arriving in London, he found molecular mixologist Dave Duckworth. 

The pair hit it off, sharing a passion for all things nerdy. They decided to offer South London an hour and a forty-five minute cocktail making experience, complete with working magic wands that can open doors and pull the perfect pint.

The Cauldron. Pic: Joey McCarthy

“We have over 60 individual wands, made by our wand maker in Ireland,” said Matt.

“And how do they work?” I asked


The Cauldron is surreal even by Dalston standards. But Matt and Dave’s cocktails, showmanship and perfect levels of Pottermania are sure to be a hit for years to come.

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