Public urged to pick up litter in clean-up Croydon campaign

Hero's assemble scheme poster

Poster for Croydon’s Hero’s Assemble scheme Pic: Croydon Council

Croydon Council have launched their very own effort to clean up the streets ahead of  the nationwide Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

Croydon’s ‘Heroes Assemble’ initiative encourages members of the public to pick up one piece of litter and correctly dispose of it, as a part of a two-day period this weekend from tomorrow,  March 2 to March 4, tackling environmental issues.

‘Heroes Assemble’ is part of the wider annual ‘Clean-up Britain’ operation, an attempt to make people #litterheroes in their local area and help the environment.

Councillor Stuart Collins said: ‘’Clean streets create a happier atmosphere amongst residents. As a Country, we waste millions of pounds cleaning up after people who don’t take any pride in where they live.”

“Community clean ups, with Councils like Croydon working with residents and the Heroes Assemble Campaign, set the right example and prove taking pride in your environment does make a difference.”

In conjunction with the ‘Heroes Assemble’ campaign, Croydon council is running a series of other events focused on cleaning up the environment. Run by Croydon’s so-called ‘Street Champions’ (“residents who dedicate their time and effort to keeping their local area clean and green”), the events include: ceremonial planting, educating local residents, litter picking and more across the Borough.

More information about the planned events across the two days can be found via the Croydon Council website.

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