‘Save The Jamboree’ forces council to act

A busy and vibrant night at The Jamboree world music club in Limehouse. Pic: Alejandro Tamagno

A busy and vibrant night at The Jamboree world music club in Limehouse. Pic: Alejandro Tamagno

Having successfully reached over 2,000 signatures by Wednesday March 7, some hope remains for the future of grassroots music venue The Jamboree in Limehouse, Tower Hamlets.

Owners of The Jamboree were told that to prevent the venue from closing once the lease runs out at the end of March, they must gain over 2,000 signatures from people who have a Tower Hamlets-based postcode.

If they achieved this, it would mean Tower Hamlets Council would have to debate the closure at the next meeting on March 21.

Campaigners have also launched a secondary part of the campaign, applying to have Cable Street Studios (the building where The Jamboree is located) listed status of an asset of community value, meaning that any future development plans will take into account Cable Street Studios’ cultural value to help protect The Jamboree community.

The Jamboree is a grassroots music club that hosts regular live events ranging from Jazz music to European bohemian nights, featuring musicians from around the world. It has been a part of Cable Street Studios for the past ten years.

It is a very popular venue, having been rated one of The Guardian’s ‘Top Five Quirky Restaurants and Bars’, as well as one of Time Out’s ‘101 Things To Do In London’.

Rena Beck, the owner of The Jamboree, said: “We have an overwhelming response from supporters, both locals and beyond. We need the locals to tell their story about us. That is all the proof we need. It will show that Jamboree is an important asset to the community.

“If Tower Hamlets wishes to become the London Borough of Culture, here is a chance for them to show how they will protect such valuable places.”

The landlord of The Jamboree Venue in Limehouse (Sudbury Properties) decided not to renew the lease of the club that expires at the end of March, meaning owners have only six weeks to leave the premises.

The petition statements says: “There is no explanation for refusing to renew Jamboree’s lease, and in only weeks a yoga studio is due to take over the premises, leaving Jamboree’s community set to be disbanded.”

It is hoped that as publicity for the campaign grows Mayor John Biggs will be forced to intervene with plans to not renew the lease of the venue.

Many residents have shown support of the campaign to help ensure that their beloved Jamboree continues to put on music nights. One campaigner tweeted:


As of 3pm Wednesday March 7, almost 3,000 signatures have been gathered. The petition can be signed here.

The original petition for non Tower Hamlets based residents, to raise awareness for the importance of the venue can be found here.

The Jamboree Venue Interior

People dancing all night long at a live music event at The Jamboree. Pic: Alejandro Tamagno

The Jamboree Venue

The audience awaits music at the famous bohemian club. Pic: Sin Bozkurt

The Jamboree Venue

A unique and interesting act performs at The Jamboree. Pic: Sin Bozkurt

Live music night at The Jamboree

A double bass player jamming at The Jamboree Pic: Jeremy Korenfeld

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