Mapping London’s lost homes

Just 24 per cent of new homes built in Lewisham, Croydon, Tower Hamlets and Hackney last year were affordable. But will we see this trend continue?

We have collated information about the new housing developments which are being proposed or are underway across the East London Lines boroughs. In keeping with the lack of affordable homes built in previous years, many of these new developments will fail to meet the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s recommended target for 50 per cent of new builds to be affordable.

Click through the tabs below to find maps showing some of the planned or ongoing housing developments across the ELL boroughs. Each flag represents a future development. Click on each flag  to reveal more details about the development and the proportion of affordable housing it will provide. 

Then scroll to end of the article to find an infographic with more details about four of the most striking examples of new developments we have mapped,  which fail to deliver enough affordable housing.

Pic: Ella Milburn


So how can Londoners fight back against this loss of affordable housing? On day three of our #HomeTruths series, we will be looking at the campaigners calling for more genuinely affordable homes across the ELL boroughs.

This article is part of EastLondonLines’ Home Truths series, which looks at how Londoners are losing out on affordable housing. Click here for the full series.


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