New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival returns

Last year screening on Telegraph Hill, New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival returns for 2018. Pic: New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival

The New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival has returned for its seventh year with over 30 film screenings between April 27 and May 6. 

The annual festival aims to bring people together to watch films in community venues.

Nine new venues have been launched this year, with film screenings taking place across both areas at locations such as Pepys Park, Telegraph Hill Upper Park and Folkestone Gardens.

There will also be three outdoor bike-powered screenings and a pre-release showing of locally shot film SINK, followed by a Q&A with director Mark Gillis. 

This year it started at the Brick Brewery in Deptford on April 27 with a screening of indie horror film Get Out

Brick brewery is a new venue this year and the managers said they decided to get involved with the festival to show their support to Deptford’s community.

Brand Director Sally Stewart told EastLondonlines: “Being able to offer Brick as a venue was an absolute pleasure and an opportunity for us to open our doors to our local community and celebrate the area in which they live.”

The festival closes on May 6 at Deptford venue Buster Mantis with award winning documentary Beats of the Antonov followed by a closing party featuring local DJ collective BomboTropics.

Upcoming film screenings at venues in New Cross and Deptford

Upcoming film screenings at venues in New Cross and Deptford. Pic: New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival

This year’s theme examines the meaning of home and the housing crisis, shown through a series of short documentaries that explore the shortage of social housing in Britain.

The pre-release showing of feature film SINK, shot in New Cross, Brockley and Deptford, is about the life of a working-class man trying to find work after losing his job as a skilled manual worker.

Director Mark Gillis said: “I felt particularly strongly about the portrayal of the film’s working class characters. I live in the area where the film is set and grew up on a council estate so wanted characters that can be recognised.”

“We’re really grateful to NXDFF for screening Sink. For a low budget, independent film it gives us a chance for people to see the film and hopefully build word of mouth before its release.”


Actors in SINK, directed by Mark Gillis and filmed in South East London. Pic: SINKLondon

The screening followed by a Q&A takes place on May 3 at Deptford Cinema, which is hosting four film showings as part of the festival. Deptford cinema continues to run after facing a council bill May last year that threatened closure. 

The festival is run by volunteers made up of local residents, students and community groups. This year more than 30 people are curating film events with the help from a core festival team.

New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival runs from April 27- May 6. The full event calendar can be viewed on their website.

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