Right to Refuge: our series on domestic violence

The Eastlondonlines areas have seen cuts of more than a fifth to funding for domestic violence services since 2010. Amidst huge cuts to local council budgets by national government, it seems services for vulnerable women are taking the hit. Often, the stories of what happens to these women are left untold when such statistics are rolled out.

The closure of Hopetown hostel, one of the last women’s-only hostels in East London, for example, was dedicated just 4022 words in total by three media outlets, two thirds of them published on ELL. You can read more about Hopetown here.

This investigation details refuge closures across the boroughs, with exclusive data on budget cuts that are pushing refuge services to breaking point. But most importantly, it follows the stories of local survivors who have had their lives blighted by cuts; identifies the local women who have lost their lives at the hands of a partner; and shares the voices of campaigners fighting to end domestic violence in our area. We leave our readers with information on what you can do to help.

Day 1:

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Please interact with the series this week by taking our polls and quizzes, and by tweeting or commenting with suggestions of local campaigners in your area. Your voice can help domestic violence survivors become more than just a statistic.

Follow our Right To Refuge series this week to find out more about the domestic violence crisis in our boroughs. #RightToRefuge

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