Annual Windrush Day announced by Croydon Council

HMS Empire Windrush. Pic: Royal Navy Official Photographer

HMT Empire Windrush.    Pic: Royal Navy

A commemorative Windrush Day is to be held annually, Croydon Council announced today.

The council made the announcement official after a successful event on May 22, which focused on the Windrush scandal and those who had been affected by it.

The event was led by Councillor Patsy Cummings and took place at the Town Hall in Croydon. Immigration specialists, lawyers and local representatives spoke at the meeting. Speakers also included Councillor Cummings and Jacqui McKenzie, a human rights and migration lawyer.

The event gave residents the chance to understand more about the scandal, that concerns the immigration status of UK residents who arrived in Britain as part of the Windrush generation, and what is being done to combat it.

There were also opportunities for those affected to ask questions to lawyers and experts on individual cases.

The celebratory day was first announced to the people attending on Tuesday, and was then made official today.

In an exclusive interview, Councillor Tony Newman, leader of Croydon council, told Eastlondonlines: “We held a very moving and powerful event and you saw the emotion of the local people and how many people were upset and directly affected by [the scandal].

“As a council we wanted to make a statement and be very clear, on behalf of the community, that we are very proud of and recognise the Windrush generation.

“I hope quickly we set an example that people choose to follow. We have to make sure that there is support for people.”

The exact date, location and details of what will be included in the Windrush Day are still to be declared.

Attendees, residents of Croydon and politicians reacted to the news.

The day will honour Commonwealth British citizens and their involvement in Croydon.

The news comes after former Hackney councillor and social activist Patrick Vernon relaunched a petition, which asks that the Government implement a national Windrush Day.

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